Nepal, a famous destination in the world with the glory of Mt. Everest and the Birthplace of Lord Buddha is a paradise on the earth with its breathtakingly beautiful natural sceneries. Nepal is with an area of 147,516 sq. km and a population of about 28.61 million. The primary religion being Hinduism, people practice several other religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Jain, and many others and maintain a perfect harmony amongst them. The high population of Nepal is engaged in Agriculture and Tourism. Tourism is one of the most potential industries in Nepal. Nepal is a multi diversity country and this diversity is the real wealth of this country. The real beauty of this country lies in the diversity of geography, culture, climate, history, architecture, language and lifestyle. The richness of the diverse society and atmosphere cannot be explained in words.

Nepal is the land of the high and mysterious Himalayas in the Northern side where the gods are supposed to have been dwelling showering their love of spirituality upon the atmosphere, thus, affecting the lives of people in a positive way. The mid-hills are lush and green with beautiful terraces to plant food crops and vegetables and give an amazing feeling with their extraordinary terrain. The Southern part is all flat with highly cultivable land. As we go from North to South, the weather changes drastically from alpine to tropical. It’s not only the weather but also the vegetation, culture, language and lifestyle of people that change.

A country of 125 different castes of people and more than 92 spoken languages, Nepal gives an amazing cultural experience as well. With the differences in their language and lifestyle, people have their own very unique culture in different parts of the country and the same cultural difference is the true richness of them. As you go to the local areas, you can feel those cultural vibes resounding in the atmosphere which leave an everlasting impression upon you.

Nepal is the proper land for wild life lovers, apart from the adventure trekking in the mighty mountain region, with the habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros, bears, deer, monkeys, Bison, crocodiles and many other animals. Your love for jungle safari would come true here. You would also love the mind-rejuvenating artworks, unmatched traditional architecture, amazing heritage and simply the best culture while you are here in Nepal. The adventure activities like Himalayan white water rafting, bungy jumping, paragliding, zip-lining, ultra-light flight are superbly fantabulous like nowhere.

Be it enjoying the High snow-capped Himalayas from the foothills or the wildlife in the southern flat; be it experiencing Sherpa, the famous mountain climbing community, life in the mountains or Newari life in Kathmandu and Tharu culture in the South; going for the trekking or other adventure activities, you will be amazed and left awestruck by this diversity in a small country.


Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek

£ 3277 12 days

Island Peak Climbing with EBC Trek

20 days

20 Days Island peak climbing and Everest base camp hike will take you through the classic trek route of EBC, Kalapathar and Everest Base Camp. The Everest Base Camp and Island Peak Trek is an …

Lobuche Peak with Everest Base Camp Trek

£ 1750 20 days

Lobuche Peak with Everest Base Camp Trek is a remarkable Himalayan adventure journey in the Himalayas of Nepal offering the best experiences of EBC trek and climbing Lobuche Peak. Lobuche peak situated at at altitude …

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