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Safety first

A trip to Nepal Himalaya and beyond is adventurous and thrilling due to its beautiful landscape. The mountains and terrains make for an exciting journey, hence we understand that safety is a major priority for you in your trips. At Earthbound, this is our foremost priority as well, which is why over the course of 18 years since its establishment, we have been able to maintain an idealistic safety record of 99%. Our team members are highly skilled and trained in providing basic first aid, our itineraries designed to minimize any external effects such as weather and equipment’s that assure maximum security. We have very low number of rescue operation.We are  well equipped  to take you Safely into the Himalayas and beyond and bring you back safely. We are here to guide and protect you as you make your memories of a life time!

Hospitality that wins hearts

We take you under our wing once you have decided to travel with us, any queries before, during and after the trip are promptly answered. Additionally, our guides go above and beyond to help you create memories that last a lifetime whether its interaction with locals, visiting monuments or simply staying in at hotels we provide you with friendly and humble Asian hospitality (Atithi Devo Bhava). Our passion to create a unique experience extends to crafting unique packages just for you, as we vow to take care of you and provide you with experience equivalent of visiting a second home.

Creating empowered locals

Beside travel and trekking business Earthbound Expeditions also believe in our responsibility towards our society and good Karma (deeds).
Earthbound Expeditions believes in responsibility towards the society, as a firm believer of the statement “you can’t grow without giving”, our efforts when conducting business has always been centered around helping the communities we touch grow due to tourism. Till date, our company has taken responsibility for turning local hopefuls into empowered climbers. We believe in only employing local guides and team members and training them well enough that they are able to provide you with international standards. This act of Earthbound Expeditions has led to creating a workforce that not helps themselves but also spread their knowledge of the industry to others, resulting in driven and independent communities capable enough to support themselves.
Being proactive in empowering various social activities and philanthropic events. We have many successful projects around that help house the homeless, educate the poor, protect the environment and wildlife and help reduce or offset carbon emissions, all designed to ensure that Tourism is a force for good! We want to be the part of the positive change in the world.

Committed to authenticity, Small Group

Authenticity runs deeps in our company, a very important reason why we like to limit our touring groups to smaller sizes. Being able to tailor down to each individual’s needs and provide a service quality that maintains their expectation has been the reason for which many customers decide to return to us. Each customer wants a different experience and it our responsibility to provide it to them, our services extend to providing private family tours or friends tour that does not exceed more than 15 people because we want to be able to deliver a great quality of service.

Many of our trip will go even we have just 1, 2  or 4 people in the team private trip of friends and families at very reasonable price.

Value for money and time

Planning a holiday can be stressful, especially in regards to time and money. Hence, we have made sure to craft out sustainable packages that are well worth the money for our customers. Trek and travel packages that are suitable for different customers, our service ranges from average budgeted travel, short trips to more extravagant and longer travels. We do not want anyone to miss out on what Nepal Himalaya and beyond has to offer hence we don’t leave any stone unturned. To ease up your burden on payment, you only need to make a 30% down payment of your trip when you initially book with us, leaving you enough time to budget in a stress-free manner.

We run international quality trips in very competitive price as our overheads are low because we are on the ground and margins are low. Quality, personalized service like no other.

Well trained and experienced Leaders

Our team members comprise of long-term, experienced individuals who are often born and lived in the nooks and crannies of the exotic landscapes of Nepal or countries we run trips. Our guides are certified and are trained both in trekking, touring and mountaineering as well as people’s skills. This is what sets us apart, as we believe in doing business in a more human way rather than in automation, our leaders try to understand their team to the best of their capabilities and provide a travel experience that has emotional as well as the most important safety support.
They have been leas are professional yet with personal touch.

Personalized well tested and established itineraries

All of our listed package itineraries are tried and tested for suitability. Our past clients who have gone on these trips have returned back satisfied and spoken to many different platforms about our trips. Our itineraries create some incredible experiences of your lifetime. 60% of our clients are repeat visitors, the reason for which has been, our staff and also our well-crafted itineraries that cover all the major activities, places and some more.  Our itineraries are also personalized based on suggestions, hence to give you an authentic experience with love and smile.

Unparalleled Services Excelled by Experience

The company has excelled in providing services to its clients from around the world with 40 years of combined experience of leading amazing trips to the Himalayas & beyond. As we believe in continuous growth by learning, we consistently thrive on the feedback our clients provide us. Serving the clients from around the world officially for over 18 years now, we have learned a great deal about providing excellent and unparalleled services that make the trip worthy to cherish. Our great trips may even change your perspective on life making the trips a “life-changing journeys”.

Don’t take our words for granted please check testimonials and reviews to verify.

By traveling with Earthbound Expeditions, you support eco adventures, sustainable tourism and contribute to our efforts to build schools, libraries and participate in philanthropic activities.
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