Badri Prasad Gajurel

Mr. Badri Prasad Gajurel is an adventure traveler and is passionate about the Himalayas. Mr, Gajurel, born in August 1980 in the village of the Himalayas of Nepal, Mr. Gajurel loved to travel to the Himalayas since his childhood. His involvement in adventure tourism started back in 2000 and served as the finest travel guide since then. Mr. Gajurel has been organizing and leading the adventure and challenging tours to himalayas of various countries of the world and he is well aware of the kinds of trekkers he needs to accompany and take well care of them.

With a degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management, Mr. Gajurel has worked relentlessly to practice his knowledge and experience in Nepal and beyond. Mr. Gajurel is the initial point of contact for many of our trekkers in Europe, his prompt responses, concrete and strategic solutions to any queries have made him a valued and trustworthy representation of Earthbound Expeditions in this region. Any query big or small Mr. Gajurel and the teamwork hard to provide a service of quality to the trekkers. Additionally, a seasoned professional climber Mr. Gajurel has led multiple teams to many beautiful regions in the Himalayas which includes Everest and Annapurna Regions, China and Bhutan by himself as well.

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